Overture tribute to Vincent Persichetti

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Original composition for wind band by Alessandro Bonetto

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The piece focus on, as the title itself presupposes, on a study of the compositional language of Vincent Persichetti, one of the most eminent figures of American wind music of the twentieth century and, as such, author of his own compositional language, described in famous treatise “Harmony of the twentieth century”.
The composition, in the form of Overture, traces the modus operandi of Persichetti, referring to the harmonic forms he described in the treatise, first in “tempo lento”, in which the main theme is executed by the trumpet on typical harmonies; in the first part you can also see a short quotation of Persichetti by the flute, intended as a tribute to the composer himself. In the second part, instead, the composition develops in a dialogue between percussions and wind sections, in which the timpani play a relevant role.



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